1. General provisions.

1.1. Provisions of these regulations apply to Participants of the event organized by GEKON and constitute an integral part of the Application Form – Agreement.

2. Conditions for participation

2.1. The Exhibitor undertakes to read and comply with the requirements of these Regulations.

2.2. The basis for participation in the Event is a correctly completed Application Form constituting a lease agreement for the exhibition space, specifying the size of the ordered space, and settlement of all receivables up to 7 days from placing the order.

2.3. The deadline for accepting applications and orders is 13 July 2019. After this date, applications and orders will be accepted after prior arrangement with the Organizer.

2.4. The organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the contract if the Exhibitor fails to meet the conditions set out in the points of these Regulations.

3. Terms and terms of payment

3.1. The rental fee for the exhibition space should be paid to the Organizer’s account:

                    mBank No. 10 1140 2004 0000 3102 7838 1501

3.2. The full amount resulting from the completed order together with VAT should be paid within 7 days from the date of notification.

3.3. To secure receivables for rent and additional services, the Organizer has the statutory lien on movable property of the Exhibitor brought to the premises of the Event.

3.4. Invoices are issued by the Organizer within 7 days of being credited to the account. If necessary, pro-forma invoices will be issued.

4. VAT

4.1. Services offered by the Organizer are subject to 23% VAT. All prices quoted in the forms are net prices.

5. Changes, cancellations of participation.

5.1. All changes regarding participation in the Event and cancellations must be submitted in writing within 7 days from the date of signing the contract.

5.2. In the event of resignation from participation in the Event, the exhibitor covers the full participation costs resulting from the signed contract.

6. Identifiers

6.1. The Exhibitor is entitled to free badges in the amounts determined by the Organizer.

6.2. The Exhibitor can order from the Organizer paid IDs in the price: 30 PLN / pcs.

7. Responsibilities of the Organizer

The organizer undertakes:

7.1. Book the stand in the dimension ordered by the Exhibitor (the minimum area is 4m2).

7.2. Set the stands according to the order and possibilities of the Organizer.

7.3. Provide a uniform artistic setting for the Event.

7.4. Hand over the Exhibitor’s stand on the day before the event starts from 16.00.

7.5. Ensure order and order during the Event.

8. Obligations of the Exhibitor

8.1. The Exhibitor is obliged to stay at the stand during the opening hours of the Event for Visitors.

8.2. After the event, you must pass the stand.

8.3. The Exhibitor may not promote goods on the Event whose use is legally prohibited. In the event of failure to comply with the requirements, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the Exhibitor from the fair grounds without refund of the costs incurred.

8.4. It is forbidden without the Organizer’s consent to place advertising materials outside the stand and to disseminate advertising materials of companies that are not participants of the Event.

8.5. The Exhibitor may sublet the stand to another person or company only with the consent of the Organizer.

9. Stand

9.1. The ordered exhibition space is intended exclusively for the Exhibitor.

9.2. The order acceptance for a stand with specific dimensions is conditioned by the order of applications, availability of space and the general concept of the exhibition.

9.3. The location of the stand results from the arrangements made between the Exhibitor and the Organizer and the technical conditions of the area of ​​the Event.

9.4. The organizer reserves the right to change the location of the stand / area ordered by the Exhibitor.

9.5. The organizer will make every effort to inform the Exhibitor in advance about the changes.

9.6. At the request of the Exhibitor, the Organizer will send a plan for the placement of stands.

9.7. In the case of building a stand from its own materials, the Exhibitor must have the necessary fire-proofing certificates.

9.8. Damage repair or changing the stand’s decor can be made after the closing of the event and with the Organizer’s consent.

9.9. The organizer reserves the right to place general information and infrastructure on the area of ​​the stand.

9.10. It is forbidden to place exhibits or advertising materials on the walls of the stand using a technique that will cause permanent damage to the walls (eg wall drilling, nailing). In the event of such damage, the Organizer will charge the Exhibitor with additional costs.

10. Transport

10.1. Transport, reloading and unpacking, assembling and dismantling, packing and loading of exhibits and other materials for the Event is performed by the Exhibitor at his own expense and risk.

11. Insurance and protection

11.1. The Exhibitor insures the exhibits at his own expense and risk.

11.2. The organizer does not bear any responsibility for accidents of people and damage to exhibits before, after and during the Event. The Exhibitor is strongly advised to enter insurance appropriate for him.

11.3. The organizer is not responsible for damage caused by force majeure.

11.4. The Exhibitor is obliged to immediately notify the Organizer of the damage caused.

11.5. The organizer ensures protection of the exhibition grounds within 30 minutes after the Event ends up to 30 minutes before the start of the Event. The security company does not supervise the stands during the opening hours of the Event and the time of their arrangement and disassembly by the Exhibitors.

12. Electricity and fire protection

12.1. Electrical and installation works are performed exclusively by the Organizer’s services.

12.2. There is a ban on the premises of the Event:

– smoking and using open fire outside designated places,

– displaying electrical devices at a distance of less than 60 cm from the materials

flammable and 30 cm from flame-retardant materials and devices isolated from combustible ground,

– use of damaged or makeshift electrical installations,

– leaving unattended devices connected to the electrical network with devices adapted for continuous operation,

– bringing chemical and fire-hazardous substances to the exhibition grounds,

– blocking access to and access to fire-fighting equipment, and terracing of emergency exits and exits, use of fire-fighting equipment for other purposes.

13. Order regulations

13.1. Exhibits can not be placed in communication routes adjacent to the stand, and demonstrations can not hinder or prevent safe movement of Exhibitors and the public.

13.2. Liquidation of the exhibition can not take place before the closing of the Event for visitors, on the day of their ending, but no later than until 24:00.

14. Complaints and claims

14.1. Complaints of Exhibitors should be reported in writing to the Organizer:

– complaints regarding technical condition and location at the moment of reception of the stand,

– other complaints within 7 days from the end of the event.

14.2. After the set deadline, no complaints will be accepted.

14.3. An oral agreement between the participants of the event and the Organizer’s representative as well as all decisions and statements require immediate written confirmation.

15. Final provisions and remarks

15.1. The Application Form is treated as an agreement concluded between the Event Organizer and the Exhibitor.

15.2. Cases not included in the regulations will be settled on the basis of the provisions of the Civil Code – the court competent for the seat of the Organizer.

15.3. The organizer has the right to postpone the date of the event or cancel it if circumstances arise which are independent of it – without incurring financial consequences


Location of events

Tramwajowa Dabie Depot, ul. Wróblewskiego 38, Wrocław


1. Duration of the Event: August 10-11, 2019.

2. Deadline for sending applications: July 13, 2019.

After July 13, 2019, applications will be accepted after prior arrangement with the Organizer.

Opening hours

1. For exhibitors: 10-11.08.2019 (Saturday, Sunday) in the chair. 8:00 – 20:00

2. For Visitors: 10/08/2019 (Saturday) from 12:00 to 22:00; 11/08/2019 (Sunday) from 10:00 to 16:00

3. Preparation of stands by Exhibitors: 09/08/2019 between 16:00 and 22:00

4. Disassembly of stands by Exhibitors: 11/08/2019 between 16:00 and 20:00